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8 Cleaning Hacks for Moving


A great way to start off on the right foot is to create a healthy foundation for your new home and new life. And moving into a new home provides the opportunity to create a clean slate — literally! This eco friendly cleaning guide will help you make a fresh start in your new space.



  • Try to avoid filling your home with harsh chemicals that can be awful for the plumbing and soil surrounding your home by using vinegar and baking soda to clean counters, sinks, tubs, toilets and tiles. If you’d prefer to use strong, chemical-based cleaning products, don’t forget to open windows and doors to let the fumes air out.
  • Handheld vacuum cleaners are great for a quick cleanup before the movers begin unloading boxes and they are more energy-efficient than larger heavy duty options. But they go beyond just tackling the little things. Since they are portable and small, they can get in hard-to-reach areas, ones that your landlord or the previous owners may not have thought to clean.
  • The day you move in, change the filter for your HVAC system. For high-quality filters,  maintain a regular schedule of changing it every 90 days. Air quality is often overlooked when it comes to a clean home, but it has one of the most substantial impacts on your health and your energy bill.

  • Hire cleaning professionals to shore up your new place before you move in. If you're renting, most property managers will clean before you move in, but their definition of clean might not match yours. If you want to feel extra confident in your new home’s cleanliness, research pros in your area who can make it extra spic and span. Maid services average between $116 and $235, but a whole-house cleaning will typically run higher.

  • Dust those often forgotten and hard-to-reach places, like behind and under the refrigerator, ceiling fan blades, air vents and ducts and the oven. A good cleaning before move-in day can save energy and money from day one.

  • Purchase a humidifier to help keep the air clean of allergens and debris. If your new home is in a more arid climate, a humidifier can help you breathe easier and keep your skin moisturized. Setting one up 24 hours before you move in can make the environment more comfortable, prevent influenza, reduce asthma, and ease sinus headaches.

  • Most pet owners know that animal hair can become an accessory in just about every room in the home. Keep hair and dander from moving in with you by taking your dog to the groomer before moving day. Ask about getting your dog’s nails trimmed to help protect any hardwood floors from knicks and scratches. If you are moving into a rental with carpet, use a cleaner that eliminates stains, odors, fleas and ticks, especially if the previous tenants were pet owners, too.

  • Use your eyes and your nose to search for any unusual colors or foul smells. If you notice a sewer odor from sinks, tubs, toilets and appliances that use water, it could be a sign there are leaks or broken pipes. Look closely for any signs of mold or mildew and use a borax-based cleaner to remove it. You may need to use bleach for more stubborn molds. If you need to hire a service to remove mold, this will usually cost between $500 and $6,000


Moving into a new place — whether it’s your first new place or you’ve been around a time or two -— is a time of heavy lifting. But it’s also a time for exciting new opportunities and maybe even a little rest and relaxation.


Stay smart and feel good during your move with this ecofriendly cleaning guide. A new home is a clean start, literally and metaphorically. Enjoy it now and every day you are there by making sure your house is clean, top to bottom, from day one.


Guest Blogger: Kristin Louis

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