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5 Steps to Cleaning and Staging Your Home for Buyers

AUTHOR: Jackie Waters of
DATE: October 31, 2021

Before you list your home for sale and start advertising the property, it’s important to ensure that your buyers will see your home at its best. If your home is looking cluttered, it’s time to clear out anything you no longer use and stage each room to attract better offers from buyers. And with the help of Gone for Good, you can easily clear out the clutter so that your home looks picture-perfect for real estate photos and open houses! You can follow these steps to navigate decluttering, depersonalizing, and staging your home.




First, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and start decluttering. Budget Dumpster recommends decluttering one room at a time and determining whether you get any use or enjoyment out of a particular item before you decide to get rid of it. If you’re considering whether or not you should hold on to certain appliances or electronics, it’s a good idea to test them out first and make sure they still work.


Letting Go of Your Belongings


What should you do with the items you don’t plan to keep? You might want to give them away to friends and neighbors or donate them to a thrift store. You’ll need to throw away broken items, so it’s a good idea to separate your belongings into a few bags indicating what you plan to do with them. If you need help, you can also contact a junk removal service for assistance.




You probably held on to lots of items with deep personal meaning, like family photos or artwork made by your children. But it’s important to depersonalize your home before you take any photos or show it to buyers. Your buyers want to be able to picture themselves living there, and depersonalizing the space allows them to do that. Store your photos and other personal items away for now - you can display them again in your new home!



Once you’ve put away the personal items that you want to keep, it’s a good idea to block off a day or two for deep cleaning your home. This project will be easier to tackle with no clutter lying around.


Shop for Decor


You’ve let go of items that you don’t need anymore, and you’ve put your sentimental belongings away in storage for the time being. You can head out to your local home goods store to shop for decor! Look for small, inexpensive trinkets and decor that you can use to spruce up your home without spending big. Remember, you don’t want to go overboard with decor, but miniature statues, vases with faux flowers, and even artwork for your walls can give your home a touch of glamour.


Staging Your Home


Now, you’re ready to stage your home! If you need inspiration, you can always check out resources like Home Life Daily for tips on interior design and choosing decor. You’ll also find suggestions for home improvement projects and even helpful product reviews!


Staging your home is an opportunity to get creative. You may want to paint certain rooms with new hues, rearrange your furniture, or update your lighting. Don’t overlook your home’s exterior, either! To enhance your property’s curb appeal, Magnolia Green recommends replacing your house numbers, cleaning your home’s siding, and arranging fresh flowers on your porch.


Decluttering your home takes time, but it’s also a very satisfying process. When you’ve removed the last of your clutter, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment! Once your home has been cleaned and properly staged, you can rest assured that your property will look great in photos and in person.


Need to remove clutter from your home? Gone for Good can help you reduce, reuse, and recycle your belongings! Fill out the form on our website today to get an instant junk removal quote.



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